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Don’t Call Me a Consultant

It used to be that I worked in industry, before I set off on my own. Particularly when I was working in manufacturing, the last thing I wanted to hear from anyone was a suggestion that we should hire a consultant. I would be very reluctant to accept this proposal, and could often be heard to say, “Over my dead body.”

My impression of consultants, and one which is held by many people in industry, is that consultants swoop in at the last minute, ready to assign blame and collect a big paycheque for doing so. No one wants to have an outsider come in to tell you how you’re doing things wrong. It’s disheartening and infuriating. But when you’re stuck on a problem, and you are so bogged down with the pressure of the daily workload, you do need some help.

Sometimes, all you need is a second opinion, someone to come into your organization and see it with fresh eyes and offer a new perspective. You want to unlock the value in your supply chain and get your business and your colleagues to WGL2 (What Good Looks Like). Upon reflection, my background and experience allows me to be that person for your business.

It’s almost impossible for you to be on top of all the issues at once. The pressures of daily deliverables take up a huge amount of time, and definitely keep you from focusing on the most important, urgent issues. I can offer an expert second opinion on a particular issue in a clear and concise way. And I can do so without any pre-conceived conditions or attachments, to give you an honest assessment.

I don’t want people to think of me as a consultant; I don’t like the idea of waltzing in and telling you how you’re wrong. It won’t make you value my opinion and it won’t make you want to listen to my advice. But I do want to help you and your business unlock the value in your supply chain. I want to share my experience and help you show everyone else in your industry that your company knows What Good Looks Like. I want to build relationships and share my expertise, and I want to help you be better. So call me an expert, an advisor, a supply chain specialist. Don’t call me a consultant.