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Asean Experienced

Supply Chain Expert

Frank Findlow is the director of Triple (EFF) and is a supply chain expert on the ground in Indonesia. He has extensive experience across ASEAN and throughout Southeast Asia. He has lived and worked in UK, Libya, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, India, and Indonesia, and has insight and expert knowledge in each of these places. He has worked in multiple disciplines, including mining, manufacturing, the auto industry, heavy chemicals, supply chain, and logistics. This vast range of experience means that he has the skills and the knowledge to upgrade your company from business as usual to WGL2 (What Good Looks Like).


Our Team can offer white paper preparations with clear solutions to any issues you are facing. Our baseline analysis will provide a clear look at the strengths of your company’s operations. We will address the areas that need to be improved upon. Triple (EFF) will give you the tools you need to gain a competitive advantage in your industry in both the short and long term. Our experience in various industries means we have faced challenges in a number of areas. Our creative problem-solving skills will be put to work for you and your company.

Improve your supply chain

It can be difficult to determine which part of your supply chain needs fixing on your own, and hiring a full-time supply chain expert might not be the right decision. Whether you are an existing operation or a new startup, Triple (EFF) is on the ground, in Indonesia, which means that we are the perfect supply chain expert who can assess your operations and quickly determine your optimum performance, both now and in the future. We can offer assistance in increasing performance, improving safety, increasing flexibility, risk management, customer service, as well as assisting you develop your business strategy. Triple (EFF) uses proven processes and procedures that are template driven, clear and concise and easily actioned by shop floor operators. Triple (EFF) has the expertise and the connections to help you build from the ground up or expand into new markets.