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Supply Chain Improvement Opportunities

Performance Improvement

Your company’s performance relies on an efficient supply chain operation. Successful supply chain operation is┬ánecessary to gain a competitive advantage and to keep your customers satisfied. Triple (EFF) will assess your operations and determine current baseline so that you can determine steps for improvement. Triple (EFF) will provide you with a clear path forward. The use of proven processes and procedures that are template driven make it easy for everyone involved to understand what needs to be done. Triple (EFF) can show you the best way to maximize your supply chain and also guide you in prioritizing the areas you need to focus on in order to keep improving.

Analysis for improvement

Triple (EFF) has a number of tools and services to analyze and implement processes that will help your company show others in the industry What Good Looks Like. Triple (EFF)’s knowledge of Indonesia and the rest of Southeast Asia means that we can look closely at your business and its supply chain operation from start to finish. Triple (EFF) can develop a plan to focus on the strengths and minimize the weaknesses in your supply chain. In addition to improving the supply chain itself, Frank looks at areas related to the supply chain, such as site safety. Triple (EFF) can introduce improvement initiatives and measure your productivity.

Let Triple (EFF) help you make the improvements you need to get you to the top of your industry. Frank can offer you the analysis and feedback you need to harness your supply chain. With Triple (EFF)’s help, your company will show the world What Good Looks Like.

Supply Chain Services offered

At Triple (EFF), we can help you improve your supply chain operation by providing the following services:
End-to-end process mapping
Site safety reviews
Site health checks
Detail pallet usage via pulse checks
Dashboards and KPIs
Productivity measures
Continuous improvement initiatives