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Frank Findlow

Expertise & Knowledge

Frank Findlow is a highly successful senior operations leader with extensive experience in the food, petrochemical, mining, and logistics supply chain industries. Whether he is in the boardroom or on the shop floor, Frank knows how to make things happen in Indonesia. Adept at generating substantial cost savings through the rigorous implementation of process-driven improvements, he is a strong leader with exceptional foresight. As a supply chain specialist, Frank can bring his knowledge, experience, and contacts in Indonesia to work for you. Frank will help your business, whether you are a startup or an established firm looking to grow.

Vast Range of Experience

Frank has worked with a huge variety of global companies over the years, including HJ Heinz, Unilever, Linfox, Ford, Denison Mines, and ICI. Frank’s work in multiple disciplines has prepared him for his current role as a supply chain specialist. Frank’s operations experience across a number of industries means that he is a global thinker, who can offer you innovative solutions to your issues. And since Frank has been working in Indonesia and Southeast Asia for the past 13 years, he has developed the contacts and the knowledge to best position your business in the Southeast Asian market.

Mohammad Qayyim

Qayyim is a seasoned veteran with warehouse management and transport planning experience. Having worked in the logistics space for many 3PL’s both Indonesian local companies and multinational.

Very knowledgeable in the FMCG Sector, both as an operator as well as project management and implementation experiences.

James - Tax expertJames Sinay (SME)

Expert Taxes:

James specific skill set is taxes, he has been working in the field of taxation for a number of years and provides Triple EFF all the relevant tax advise required to ensure compliance.

How Can a Supply Chain Specialist Help You?

Lots of businesses are getting the job done in Indonesia, but they aren’t necessarily doing it right. The complexity of doing business in Indonesia can mean your business strategy needs to be tweaked. Hiring a supply chain specialist can smooth out the bumps in your supply chain and give you the tools to succed. Your business can set the standard for a job well done let us  show you What Good Looks Like (WGL2) for your supply chain.

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