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Sustainability and Profit Can Go Hand in Hand

I firmly believe that getting to a sustainable logistics operation does not mean sacrificing profit. It does, however, mean that businesses and their partners must help each other to get there.

Many businesses want 3PL operators who can reduce their carbon footprint and help the business become greener, as well as reduce costs and m­aintain service levels. But at the same time, these prospective clients are not prepared to pay any increased premiums. Businesses need to be prepared to shift their perspective and see that with a little collaboration, a sustainable logistics operation can also be a profitable one.

A sustainable supply chain can be a win-win for all parties, if there is collaboration. 3PL operators can work with retailers, who will benefit from a more cost-effective supply from the manufacturer. Fewer supply routes, less kilometers travelled, and less fuel used means less money spent on logistics. Consumers can benefit from the savings the manufacturer passes on to them.

We all can benefit from the reduction of the industry’s total impact on the global environment.

Commitments made by major 3PLs and supply chain solutions providers are already making a significant impact in their operations, and more importantly for all the players in their supply chain. Working toward a sustainable supply chain is a good solution for all of those involved.

With the digitization of the supply chain, collaboration and synchronization is the future. Embracing this digitization is one more way to stay relevant, and to keep your business profitable.

You need to understand “what good looks like” (WGL2) in your world and that increasingly includes sustainability.

Triple EFF can help you determine how to improve your business’ sustainability without sacrificing profitability. Contact me to find out how I can help.