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Our Transportation Services

Our expertise can help you improve transportation services

The core of your supply chain operation is transportation. You need to get your goods where they are going, and you need to do it quickly and efficiently. It can be difficult to see how to improve your transportation costs and speed if you aren’t on the ground moving the goods every day. Triple (EFF) has the advantage of being local and experienced in Indonesia. Triple (EFF)’s contacts and expertise can eliminate your uncertainty and offer you the best solutions for your particular problems.

There are lots of factors to consider when you are looking at how to improve your supply chain. Which solutions are right for your business? Should you use your own fleet of delivery vehicles, or is it better to use a subcontractor? How can you optimize your load? Most importantly, how can you make these improvements and continue to have a safe environment for your workers and your customers? Triple (EFF) has experience dealing with all of these questions. You will get answers tailored to your specific needs.

Why use a consultant?

Using a supply chain specialist saves you the cost and the hassle of having to permanently hire someone to analyze your supply chain operation. Triple (EFF) can lower your operating costs, increase your customer satisfaction, and decrease inefficiency in your supply chain operation. Engaging Triple (EFF), a local expert with experience in a wide variety of disciplines and contacts in multiple industries, means you can feel secure in the data and recommendations you will receive on how to perfect your operation.

Tools we use

Let Triple (EFF) show you What Good Looks Like. Our transportation expertise can help you make sense of all of your transportation questions:

  • Owned fleet v subcontractors
  • Truck utilization
  • Load optimization
  • TAT (Truck turnaround time)
  • Safety
  • TMS (Transport Management Solutions)
  • Route planning