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Are You a Leader or a Lagger?

You want your business to be able to live up to the standards of What Good Looks Like, and one of the most important standards is your safety performance. There are a number of indicators that you should be monitoring in order to improve your organization’s safety standards. You need to not only recognize the importance of measuring safety indicators, but, more importantly, you need to be sure you’re measuring the right things.It can be … [Read more...]

Supply Chain Analysis: Technology Makes the Difference

The advent of new technology is always a challenge, but it can also provide you with great opportunities if you can learn how to take advantage of it. Supply chain professionals are faced with a variety of new technologies, and if they learn how to use these technologies properly, there are many benefits to be had.Without up-to-date inventory visibility, retailers need to have extra stock in their stores to deal with both brick-and-mortar and … [Read more...]

Sustainability and Profit Can Go Hand in Hand

I firmly believe that getting to a sustainable logistics operation does not mean sacrificing profit. It does, however, mean that businesses and their partners must help each other to get there.Many businesses want 3PL operators who can reduce their carbon footprint and help the business become greener, as well as reduce costs and m­aintain service levels. But at the same time, these prospective clients are not prepared to pay any increased … [Read more...]

Supply Chain Segmentation: What You Need to Know

(First off, a disclaimer: supply chain segmentation can take a myriad of forms depending on the industry we are talking about. For the purpose of this article, I’m going to focus on FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods).The more data you can collect about your supply chain, the better equipped you will be. Studying the various areas of your supply chain can give you information about where you are excelling, and more importantly, where you can … [Read more...]

Is Safety in Your Workplace DNA?

Look at the picture below, and ask yourself whether this is a safe practice:

What about this one?For most people, the answer is obviously “no”. Of course, the drivers and passengers here recognize that this is not an ideal situation, but often, especially in developing nations, these kinds of unsafe practices take place out of necessity. Surely, if the passenger carrying the … [Read more...]

Why You Should Make Time to be On Time

I think it was William Shakespeare who said, “Is there no respect of place, persons nor time in you?” Of course, we all want to think that we are behaving respectfully to others, especially in the workplace and the business world. It just makes sense to try and show your peers, colleagues, and clients that you value them. And one of the easiest ways to show others that you respect them is to be punctual.There are two categories of people: … [Read more...]

Don’t Call Me a Consultant

It used to be that I worked in industry, before I set off on my own. Particularly when I was working in manufacturing, the last thing I wanted to hear from anyone was a suggestion that we should hire a consultant. I would be very reluctant to accept this proposal, and could often be heard to say, “Over my dead body.”My impression of consultants, and one which is held by many people in industry, is that consultants swoop in at the last minute, … [Read more...]

Reverse Logistics in a Circular Economy

I’ve talked about how the global economy is moving toward a circular economy, as opposed to the linear economy of the past. This change is a great thing, but with it comes some challenges that your business may not be ready for. One area that many companies overlook is reverse logistics. What is reverse logistics, and how can they impact your business? Let’s take a closer look. If logistics is getting your product into your customers’ hands, … [Read more...]

Moving Toward a Circular Economy

The traditional economic model of Take-Make-Dispose is one many are familiar with. Businesses take resources, make something (either consumer goods or other products), and then dispose of the excess resources or waste products that come from manufacturing. This waste, combined with the end user/consumer who throws away all the excess packaging, amounts to almost US$2.5 trillion of irrevocable waste in the consumer goods sector alone. With the … [Read more...]

Kamadjaja Logistics: An Example of What Good Looks Like

I am always on the lookout for real-life examples of What Good Looks Like in various businesses and industries. Finding companies who are doing things right is an inspiration and can help me translate their practices to my own consulting business. I recently had the pleasure of visiting K-LOG Park, Kamadjaja Logistics’ one-stop logistics park. Kamadjaja is a company that knows What Good Looks Like.Clear thought, good planning, and hard work … [Read more...]