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What You Need to Know About ASEAN

  The ASEAN, or Association of South East Asian Nations, has been making headlines for a while, and is currently forming the AEC (ASEAN Economic Community). What exactly does this mean, and how will it impact businesses in Indonesia? There are lots of articles that explain in-depth what ASEAN is trying to accomplish, so I won’t go into too much detail here, but I do want to give you an overview of ASEAN and how it will change the economic … [Read more...]

DNI List Changes Look Good for Indonesia

BKPM, Indonesia's Investment Coordinating Board, has announced plans to change its negative investment list. You can read more about the proposed changes here. The current DNI regulations prevent foreign investment in a number of business sectors, and only allow for limited direct investment in many other sectors. With ASEAN now a fact and coming into operation, I agree with BKPM chairman Franky Sibarani: "relaxing the regulations will open up … [Read more...]

Showing you What Good Looks Like in your world

You want to unlock the value in your business. You want to reduce costs, improve sustainability, and sustain growth. What’s the best way to do all of this? You need to figure out What Good Looks Like for your business.Let’s say your business has a service level of 77% DIFOTA (Delivered In Full On Time). Obviously, you want to improve upon this number, but how? Most major consultancies will simply spout the World’s Best Practice numbers at … [Read more...]

What Good Looks Like in an Omnichannel World

If you are a supply chain manager, you probably find yourself focusing on inventory optimization: getting the right product, at the right volumes, to the customer at the right time. Customers are increasingly expecting to buy online and pick up in-store the next day. Better yet, customers can buy online and get next-day delivery. These expectations are becoming more and more common and are difficult for retailers to achieve without a … [Read more...]

The importance of the last mile

McKinsey’s Global Institute estimates that by 2020 there will be 4 billion urban dwellers worldwide, and 80% of these will be in developing nations. In Jakarta alone, the Bappenas 2010 census forecasts that the population of Greater Jakarta will reach almost 20 million by 2018, and Inner Jakarta will house 10.7 million of those people. For many of these urban dwellers, disposable income is increasing.Consumers are becoming more … [Read more...]